A La Carte Travel is Croatian Domestic Management Company specialized in making travel experiences unique and perfectly matching to the travellers’ tastes, styles and manner of life. We are a perfect choice to meet all demands as an agency fully focusing on personalized tailored – made travel services in Croatia and beyond. Our role is to create something special; no group is too big nor too small for us, each one of you is individual and we focus our attention on creating an individual journey. Our experience in the travel industry goes back about 22 years and it is our pleasure to share our knowledge with you and to provide you with a personal service whilst at the same time ensuring good value for money.

We are offering the best advice and suggestions based on many years of experience in this field and also personal travel knowledge as knowing the product we are selling is essential for us. We covering all South Eastern Europe; that includes Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania and of course other countries in region as Italy, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Spain, France and Germany.

Counting with help of selected, reliable providers, the quality of our service will exceed your expectations.

A La Carte Travel provides impeccable travel planning services for individual guests, as well as gathering of friends or families, or groups of individuals eager for new experiences and knowledge. We recommend options and opportunities that are not found in the travel guidebooks, and then we create tailor-made itineraries that best suit the traveller’s personality and travel philosophy. Whether you want ideas for a day trip or need us to build an extensive multi-night, multi-city vacation, there are no rules, no parameters and no limits. We bring you the convenience of working with one person to handle all the components of your itinerary saving you time, money & hassle. We will ensure our clients receive top-quality service & we will follow up on this constantly during their stay.

A La Carte travel designs the ultimate travel for the most exclusive travellers, who demand stylish, in detailed programmes with outstanding quality and value.

Our tailor-made programs will leave you breathless, meet your expectations and even more.

Our process begins with a mutual conversation so please do contact us.


Croatia is a Central European and Mediterranean country easy to be reached from Europe but also overseas countries through many European ports.

The rich cultural heritage of the country, numerous islands, diverse coast, crystal clear sea, but also still undiscovered in lands and great national parks can be enjoyed through creative itineraries, highly personalized service and outstanding accommodation. Apart from very rich and turbulent history Croatia offers a lot for nature lover, food and wine lovers and also for adventure spirits.Despite being a small country, Croatia has seven sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List and ten Intangible Cultural Heritage elements recorded on the UNESCO List.

The Croatian mountains that divide continental Croatia and coastal Croatia belong to the Dinaric Alps which extend from the border of Slovenia to Montenegro. The Dinaric mountain range in Croatia is famous worldwide for being a classical example of deep karst.

The Croatian coast is located between the Dinaric Alps to the east and the Adriatic Sea to the west and has 1,100 miles (1,800 km) of coastline. One of the striking characteristics of the Croatian coast is that it has a total of 1,244 islands, islets, rocks and reefs.

Continental Croatia also has a number of towns with a rich history and striking architecture, castles, national parks, rivers, ski resorts, vineyards and thermal water springs with healing properties.

Discover the flair and tastes of Croatia and let yourself enjoy the exceptional richness in natural beauty and well-preserved cultural heritage.

The beauty of Croatia through tailor-made programs is unique travel through innumerable opportunities this Mediterranean Central European country offers. Browse our programs and find what suits you the best, tell us your interests and we can create the travel just for you.