Who we are

A friendly face, a helping hand, a partner in your quest to see the world. We are the heart of A La Carte Travel:

Ms. Sandra Biljan is a passionate traveler who always has a new destination in mind. She has visited more than 50 countries all around the world, and she has no sign of stopping there. It is no wonder that she has founded her very own traveling agency.

Sandra has over 25 years of relevant travel industry experience as she worked for the biggest travel agencies in Croatia, like Generalturist and Kompas, for quite some time. She was managing the Production department for destinations in Croatia, skiing all around the world, European destinations, long-haul destinations, cruises, and sports. With time came a trusted network of outstanding and reliable Travel Industry Business Partners. And also the experience in making tailor-made programs for both individuals and groups of friends, colleagues, or families.

Sandra has majored in Tourism at the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb, Croatia. She is fluent in English and Italian and is living her dream of bringing state of the art tailor-made traveling to Croatia.

e-mail: sandra@alacartetravel.hr

Mobile phone: +385 98 220 530

Ms. Mirela Slonjsek is the lady you would want to be your guide no matter where the road may take you. She has been a tour guide along Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Albania for the last 18 years, so she surely knows all the hidden places you can't find in guidebooks. Mirela also has a sommelier diploma, so make sure you taste the vines while she is taking you to some of the world's finest vineyards.

But it doesn't stop there, Mirela has graduated the History of Art from the Faculty for Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb and can take you through Croatian history and art and introduce you to timeless Croatian heritage. Mirela is fluent in English, Italian, French, and Spanish and has traveled more than 50 countries. She believes all traveling should be fantastic and joyous, almost a once in a lifetime experience.

e-mail: mirela@alacartetravel.hr

Mobile phone: +385 98 180 20 30

Mr. Sasa Durkovic is an international sales expert with clients worldwide. He is also the guy able to put the business and marketing plans together. The one skilled in communicating with the press, organizing promotions, handling the launches. Sasa likes to keep it cool and calm, a proper decision-maker, ready to lead and manage team and organization at all times, push frontiers and boldly face all challenges. Yet he simply enjoys carefully crafting every detail of clients' private trips. That's just him, being all careful and devoted.

e-mail: sasa@alacartetravel.hr

Mobile phone: +385 91 600 3594

Ms. Ana Jurašić has more than 20 years of experience in the travel industry, including the organization of all types of travel - tailor-made for individuals, families, and groups, both incoming and outgoing.

For more than ten years, she has been organizing congresses, business trips, meetings, and incentive trips for corporate clients. We consider her to be the heart and soul of every tremendous corporate event.

While preparing and hosting a program, she puts the emotion and personal experience of a guest in the first place. There is no greater reward than a satisfied guest for a travel agent, and that is where she is aiming. Calm and kind, but at the same time efficient and creative, that's our Ana. She enjoys a good book, a bike ride with her husband and kids, creative food, and the finest of Croatian vines.

Ana has graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb with a major in Tourism. She is fluent in English and German.

e-mail: ana@alacartetravel.hr

Mobile phone: +385 91 970 0670

Your magical travel starts here, so please do contact us. Let's help you plan a perfect trip.

e-mail: contact@alacartetravel.hr

Welcome to our world of private luxury travel and discover Croatia your way.

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