Aura Distillery – Ravishing Aromas of Istria

Visit AURA distillery – one genuinely warm and delightfully tasteful place.

They say if you find the job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. And we think family Sirotić found just that in Istrian Buzet. You can feel it in their AURA distillery and its charming garden where the air is filled with wonderful scents of wild herbs and wild fruits growing throughout for the use in the production of sensational jams, famous brandies, and exquisite gin.

Traditional Croatian Welcome

We were welcomed by the owner Mišel with deliciously aromatic Teranino and then enjoyed the tour through the distillery. Besides the traditional Biska, Medica, and Teranino, they produce brandies made of sage, mint, cornel, carob, olives and almond, wild pear, wild apple, rose petals, hip, and forest fruit.

Every detail radiates love and respect for tradition, and it feels like a real privilege to experience the entire production process – from fruit fermentation, distillation in a handmade copper cauldron, fruit maceration to aging of brandies and packaging.

Rakija/brandy and jams

Heavenly natural 7 jam flavors, 22 types of brandy, 2 types of gin, chocolate, olive oil, and vinegar… all produced from wild herbs and wild fruits, without any addition of preservatives or artificial colors.

You’ll find it hard to resist products from Istrian distillery AURA. Whether it was their signature product, amazing Teranino, unique Millefrutti barique, perhaps savory Biska extra, tempting Medenica, or the luscious fig, dandelion, or raspberry jam – we couldn’t decide. So many flavors that magically captured our taste buds… And these were just a few!

Just like grandma’s home

Treat yourself to these ravishing aromas and visit AURA. Their shop is cozy and delicious just like grandma’s home, and their special archive is a place to save the treasures you bought that’ll bring you back to this flavourful paradise again.

Award-winning gin Karbun

When in Istria, Gin time at AURA distillery in Buzet is an absolute must. Award-winning Gin Karbun, inspired by the strength of the last coal producers – carbunari from Ćićarija, is special. Made of wheat distillate, juniper berries, and over 20 spices, it passes filtration through activated carbon which binds toxins, creating a premium, so smooth, light, and velvety delicacy.

In AURA, they served it to us with dry tonic and pieces of specially prepared active carbon. It was a serving that awakened all our senses and captured our attention. Finally, you’ll want to buy it as a gift as it comes in terracotta bottles with a piece of carbon in the lid and a logo originally drawn with coal.

What a treat for eyes and palate!