Ikador Luxury Boutique Hotel & Spa

Inspired by the luxurious speedboats Riva and the hints of musical instruments everywhere, the boutique hotel Ikador leaves you breathless on first, second, well, on every look.

James Bond experience

Hermes care products and fluffy bathrobes, custom-designed menus for personalized dinners, intimate spa experience fulfilling your every whim and desire, that what Ikador Luxury Boutique Hotel and Spa are all about. For a James Bond experience, there is a luxurious Riva Aquariva Super speedboat, ready to take you to the near-by island and open sea of the Kvarner Riviera.

The song says: „I wish you were here…“ I wish you were there, in Ikador’s garden: smells, flowers, colors and unique experience of the sea breeze. Breath deep, close your eyes… and you are in the botanical garden with more than 100 plants that the hotel is well-known for.

Experience leisure spending your time in solitude next to the pool or play mini-golf with your partner. Enjoy the elegant and luxurious experience of freedom and the Mediterranean, so close to the main city Zagreb and several airports.

La Dolce Vita

The dinner is an unforgettable experience that is teasing your oral palate with tastes of Mediterranean dishes prepared by the Chef of Nobilion Fine Dining Restaurant, accompanied by the wines of nearby local wineries. Sit back in the Riva Privee private area, enjoy the small talk and Italian pastries and it transfers you back in time, back to the fifties and sixties, luxurious holidays on the Italian or French Riviera.

After dinner be a star, put a scarf around your neck, or over your head, sit in the Riva Aquariva Super speedboat and drive away to experience a unique sunset on the sea with the champagne in hand.

La Dolce Vita.

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