Stancija Buršić – An Unavoidable Stop for Prosciutto lovers

If you are a prosciutto lover, you shouldn’t miss this! In Vodnjan, surrounded by olive groves, greenery, cuddly donkeys and other farm animals, there is a family estate where  were produced the perfect Istrian cured meat delicacies.

Premium Prosciutto Production

On our visit to Stancija Buršić, friendly Michele welcomed us and took us through her prosciutto producing unit, drying and tasting room-restaurant. Today, her family runs this premium prosciutto production facility, one of the largest in Istria, which has been their passion for over 25 years.

Traditional Istrian Dishes and Homemade Pasta

In the restaurant, they serve their specialties, for which they received many awards: Istrian prosciutto, bacon, boneless pork loin, pancetta, sausages and Easter delicacy špaleta. But also, traditional Istrian dishes like homemade pasta (fuži, gnocchi), žgvacet, prosciutto stew, veal shank under a baking bell, or špaleta prepared the old-fashioned way. Stancija Buršić offered us more than just wonderful flavors. They gave us a taste of tradition and true family values and we loved our time spent here.

A unique tradition of the Špaleta family

Besides the world-recognized prosciutto, the Buršić family started a unique tradition and devoted their love for Istrian heritage by bringing špaleta back on the menus. For over a decade now, on Easter Monday, Stancija Buršić organizes a family Špaleta day reserved for fun, games, and enjoying fresh asparagus, eggs omelet and delicious špaleta.

They never forget to treat you with their extra virgin olive oil, made also here in this wonderfully warm, family place where everything is in harmony with nature.

Choose perfect gifts to surprise your loved ones

We heartily recommend visiting their shop too. In this way, you’ll be able to carry home all the heavenly flavors – dry-cured only with sea salt and natural spices in the Istrian bura without any smoke.

And for the perfect gift to surprise your loved ones, be sure to buy some Buršić’ hit, new, original product, Istrian pancetta chips.

It took them some time to get the flawless delicacy, but it was so worth it! Delicious!

For us, this was memorable and enriching moments.

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