Stancija Kumparička – Idyllic Goat Farm Filled with Exquisite, Ecological, and Artisan Products

This time, we would like to share our impressions from one truly special place.

On the east coast of the Istrian peninsula, just a few kilometers from Pula and the Adriatic, yet hidden in the pure pristine nature, family Winkler lives a life quite different from the hectic urban lifestyle. And that was their primary goal when they moved from Slovenija to an abandoned 14th century-old Stancija Kumparička.

Stancija Kumparička brought us back to childhood and enlivened the warm stories of our grandparents

They decided to buy goats, a symbol of Istria, to browse the terrain, not even aware that today, they’ll become widely recognized and greatly loved producers of the highest quality ecological unpasteurized goat cheese (appreciated even by the world-famous Slow Food movement’s top gourmets).

Stancija Kumparička brought us back to childhood and enlivened the warm stories of our grandparents. It’s a place where untamed nature mesmerized us with its smells and sounds and relaxation overwhelmed us completely.

Goats all around

When we came to Stancija Kumparička, our wonderful host, the farm owner Aleš, devoted his time to show us the farm where his 340 goats graze on 200 hectares of ecologically clean pastures full of aromatic herbs, all year round. We saw the barn, cheese maturation room and then indulged in the tasting of their artisan eco cheese on the terrace. His daughter Tita, who is also a committed farm worker, showed us the baby goats, while their nine beautiful snow-white dogs – true goat and farm guardians – made the atmosphere even more welcomed and joyous.

A real farm-like experience in the calming nature

If you are looking for a real farm-like experience in the calming nature of Croatia, Stancija Kumparički offers great ideas to de-stress and enjoy. You can participate in a cheese-making process where you’ll make your own handmade goat cheese which your friendly hosts will send to your home upon maturation. Or you can be a goat herder for a day and learn everything about this 24/7, hard but rewarding job that they love.

The native ambiance and genuine love and respect for the nature

For us, the visit to Stancija Kumparički was such a great day to remember. Their passion, attitude towards life, and love for nature are contagious. You can’t help but fall in love with this place. 

When we tasted goat cheese made on the idyllic Kumparički farm, it was like a piece of heaven on our palate. Not only because the cheese made here is superb quality, but because of the native ambiance and genuine love and respect for the nature and life of the owners that adds a special flavor.

Puca Dura aromatized with Istrian saffron

The rich cheese selection offered on Stancija Kumparički includes pressed and unpressed semi-hard goat cheese of varying maturation, fresh goat cheese like awarded Puca Dura aromatized with Istrian saffron, fresh cheese spreads, feta like cheese and ricotta, while from beverages goat yogurt, goat milk, and goat whey. All healthy, handmade and natural.

Memorable moments 

But one product stood out and delighted our taste buds the most. It was Carameeeel – thick and creamy, liquid caramel, made from goat milk. Sweet and delicious! Especially when paired with matured cheese or goat curd. Family Winkler does everything by themselves – raises goats, breeds them, milk them, and makes exquisite, ecological, artisan products.

We cordially recommend meeting them!

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