Why is Brač the perfect destination for luxury holidays?

Visit Brač – one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. Besides the whole of Dalmatia is rich in many natural beauties, the island of Brač stands out as one of the most popular destinations for holidays on the Adriatic coast. Firstly, Brač is filled with pebble beaches, crystal clear sea, and numerous activities. Brač also offers a large number of historical and cultural heritage.

Brač is filled with natural sights

One of the symbols of Croatian tourism is certainly the beautiful Zlatni Rat beach – an unavoidable destination for every tourist. Woven from white, fine pebbles, it is an ideal place to enjoy the sun. Especially in the afternoon. Apart from its exceptional beauty, this beach is special because of its frequent change of shape, caused by the influence of the sea and wind. In one period its top is facing one side and in another period the other side of the Adriatic.

Except for the beautiful coast, this Island is adorned with the highest peak among all Adriatic islands. Vidova Gora is 778 meters high, and named after a small church that was located at the very top of the mountain. Today, you can find its remains there, but also a traditional Dalmatian restaurant that will delight you with its gastronomic offer. While you enjoy the Brač cuisine, although you have a wonderful view of the whole island. Moreover, at the neighboring island, and the Italian coast – on sunny days.

An Island of rich cultural heritage

Most fascinating sight on this island is definitely the Blaca Desert, which you should not miss. This monastery is founded in the 16th century by Glagolitic priests from Poljica fleeing from the Turks. Looking at the conditions of their hard work and diligence, they create a living environment. The Blaca became a monument of human endurance and perseverance.

The Island of Brač is known as the home of more than a hundred different churches. They are very attractive to tourists, apart from the religious needs of the locals. Due to its impressiveness and height, the neo-romantic parish church of Christ the King. Brač Cathedral is a very interesting attraction for visitors. In the center of Nerežišća, there is the small church of Saint Peter and Paul. Due to the small pine on its roof, it is called Brač bonsai. It is one of the most interesting attractions and a protected natural monument of the Island of Brač.

An unavoidable attraction is the Dragon’s cave on the southern slopes of Vidova Gora. Adorned with sculptures and reliefs carved in stone in this cave dominate a large depiction of a dragon on the west wall – after which the cave is named.

Numerous fun activities

Near the coastal town of Sutivan, there is a nature park decorated with promenades, a playground, animal shelters, a restaurant, and a space for children’s entertainment. Here you can enjoy the company of various animals, riding ponies or take a simple rest in nature.

For great adventurers and excursionists, there are hiking routes that lead to the very top of Vidova Gora. These tours last about 2 hours. You can go to kayaking, diving, wine routes, panoramic flight, and many other activities.

Join us in events like Bean and Chard Day. Its aim is to promote local food. Revive and bring back to use the already forgotten recipes of dishes prepared with this vegetable. For active vacation – visit Brač!

Visit Brač – Filled with rich Mediterranean cuisine

If you visit this beautiful Adriatic island, you have to try indigenous dishes from Brač. Savor the famous Brač dishes with lamb and quality red wine of the Plavac mali variety. Be sure to try the gastronomic diamonds included in the list of intangible heritage of Croatia – Vitalac and Dol cake Hapočuša. Harapočuša is prepared according to an old and strictly preserved recipe. Among other dishes, there awaits you the widely recognized sheep cheese. After that, taste Škuta, Brač almond cake, and excellent island liqueurs and brandies. Enjoy authentic Mediterranean cuisine!

Filled with luxury accommodation

Finally, if you want a complete dream vacation in Brač, stay in one of the many comfortable accommodations that radiate with luxury. Take pleasure in the beauty of the coast view while you have breakfast on the beautiful terrace with a pool. Or relax with the smell of the sea while sipping your favorite cocktail.

Brač stone – the most precious treasure of the island

Most importantly, for the inhabitants of this island, the stone is a treasure and is known all over the world. Some of the most grandiose monuments in the world are created from this white treasure. From Diocletian’s Palace in Split and many churches and palaces throughout Dalmatia to the lobby of the United Nations building in New York. Stories say that parts of the White House in Washington were also built of Brač stone but there is no credible document for that statement.

At last, there are so many things to do on the island of Brač: Excursions, Beaches, Restaurants, History & Culture, Entertainment & Nightlife, Shopping, Events, Transfers…

That’s why You have to visit Brač!

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