Visit Hvar – Island full of sun

Hvar is the sunniest Croatian island, bathed in the Sun for most of the year. This is the ideal place to travel if You searching for a perfect place to rest and recharge your batteries!

Croatia is a country of many islands and islets. And among them stands out the beautiful island of Hvar, situated in the south of the Adriatic Sea. The island stretches along their entire length of 68 kilometers that adorn many discovered and hidden coves. 

Filled with history

The island of Hvar and its place can tell thousands of stories from the past. Since the island was inhabited even before Christ, signs of a rich past are found at every turn. Many churches, monasteries, steeples, old squares, and villages are waiting to be discovered. The imposing Fortress towers protectively the eponymous town of Hvar. Climb up through the old town of narrow stone streets to the walls of the fortress and you will not regret it. You can expect breathtaking views – views of the city, green Pakleni islands, and the open sea.

Hvar’s square is an unavoidable meeting place and a central place where morning coffees are drunk. The view is of the rich architectural heritage – Hvar’s cathedral with a bell tower, the Arsenal, a former storehouse for war galleys, that houses one of the oldest European theatres. Take an island tour and do not miss the Old City and the mansion of Tvrdalj Petra Hektorovića, a famous Croatian Renaissance poet, whose desire was to create a microcosm of all God’s creatures – fish, birds, plants, and people. There is also the charming little settlement of Vrbovska called Little Venice because of the series of bridges that connect the beautiful bay in and wander with your thoughts in some ancient times.

Filled with experience

In summer, this sweet-scented island smells of lavender and rosemary, winter lemons, and oranges. In spring, a gentle mimosa turns yellow and welcomes the newcomers to the island. Hvar is known for the giant agaves from whose gentle nor nuns of the Benedictine monastery skillfully weaved lace. The lace is UNESCO recognized and included in its intangible heritage.

Enjoy the rich gastronomy of the island, known for its fine wines and olive oil. Toast the wonderful beauty of nature with the glass of well-chilled wine Opolo rosé or indigenous Bogdanusa.

Filled with luxury

Make yourself comfortable on one of the luxury hotels terraces overlooking the waterfront and enjoy the superb stewardship. Treat yourself to a spa treatment and lounging by the pool, enjoying the Hvar “fjaka” (means do nothing). Listen to your wishes and print your diary travel with another memorable experience.

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