Why visit Magic Land of Istria?

Experience Istria in the best way, by travel to Croatia and discovering its magical beauty! This beautiful peninsula located in the extreme southwest of Croatia is filled with numerous historical and natural attractions, from picturesque medieval towns to the blue Adriatic coast, perfect for enjoying and swimming in the clear and clean sea.

Very popular among Central European tourists, Istria not only offers the pleasure of a holiday at sea. In the rich interior, it hides a rich heritage of winemaking, olive growing, and the search for truffles. The acclaimed gastronomic offer offers something for everyone, from fresh seafood and fish to premium white and black truffles and wild asparagus to top-rated olive oils. With world-famous award-winning wines and a warm welcome, you will be captivated by its historic charm.

Filled with heritage

Istrian cultural heritage, left behind by the Illyrians and Romans, is evident in some of the most attractive Croatian cities that adorn the Istrian coast, while the folded valleys and hills of its interior hide peaceful, medieval towns.

Along the northwest coast of the peninsula is the city of Porec, known for the beautiful Euphrasian Basilica, which was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. A little further south, there is the historic town of Rovinj and the archipelago of islands that make up the Brijuni National Park.

Pula, perhaps the most popular city in the region, is home to one of the largest remaining Roman amphitheaters, whose stage is gladly visited by world-famous musical names.

Filled with adrenaline

Although Istria is geographically small, so navigating its roads is quite simple, our recommendation is to stay in one of the coastal towns. But can go on day trips and adventurous adventures. If you choose an active vacation, in addition to water skiing, parasailing, sailing, and kayaking, you can enjoy cycling, hiking, or walking.

You will experience the most interesting adventures off the beaten track, for example on the 78-kilometer Parenzana bike path, which follows the narrow-gauge railway that once connected Poreč with Trieste via Buje, Grožnjan, Oprtalj, Motovun, Vižinada, and Nova Vas, along the coast through old railway tunnels. But, if you prefer hiking and walking, head west to the Učka Nature Park or to the Kamenjak Nature Park, which will enchant you with its carved coves, clear water, aromatic bushes, and wild orchids. In that pristine nature, do nothing but swim, windsurf, dive, sunbathe or take the family on a picnic. Just perfect.

Filled with gastronomy

Istrian cuisine offers some of the best Croatian gastronomic experiences. The richness of taste brings a whole range of delicacies fresh fish from a boat to a truffle hunting adventure. You will enjoy on idyllic goat farm filled with exquisite, ecological and artisan products.

Although very reminiscent of Italian flavors, Istrian cuisine is proud of “pljukanci” – handmade pasta, and excellent prosciutto, and simple but luxurious preparations of high-quality seasonal ingredients. Inevitable moments are tasting extra virgin olive oil and top-quality wine, such as Istrian Malvasia and Teran.

The undulating Istrian hills covered with vineyards, olive groves, medieval mountain small towns, are often compared to Italian Tuscany.

This beautiful part of Croatia is an unavoidable stop for prosciutto lovers.You’ll find it hard to resist products from the famous Istrian distillery.

Enjoy oysters and seafood delicacies in the Lim Channel overlooking the beautiful fjord.

Truffle hunting

Truffles in Istria were discovered accidentally while farmers digging vegetables. The locals called them ‘stinky potatoes’ and fed them to pigs until the Italians showed up trying to buy them at the lowest prices. Black and precious white truffles can be found in Istria, and the locals will be happy to take you on an adventurous Truffle Hunt, which they will then be happy to prepare for you in their tavern.

Filled with nature

Brijuni National Park consists of two large islands, Veli Brijun and Mali Brijun, and 12 small islands and islets. Since the Brijuni was used as a government residence. They vacationed with numerous foreign politicians and movie stars, inhabited by the exotic world. Here you will meet African animals, such as elephants, zebras, and antelopes, in harmony with plants that are not native.

Do not miss to visit the southernmost point of the Istrian peninsula and the protected natural area of Cape Kamenjak and its rocky flat rocks on which dinosaurs once walked.

Filled with luxury

You will miss luxury hotels, luxury villas, and holiday homes all over Istria. You will especially like the village jewels – small Istrian places.

The interesting interior of Istria attracts visitors to the Istrian villages on the hills. In rural hotels, luxury holiday homes, restaurants with a rich gastronomic offer, and numerous cultural events. The indented coast is popular among lovers of sunsets and enjoying the sea.

Although spacious hotel complexes surround most of the Istrian coast, and the beaches are mostly rocky, the richness of content is wide, the sea is clean, and there are plenty of secluded places to enjoy a unique vacation.