Visit Kvarner -​ An invaluable triptych of experience

Visit Kvarner, a Croatian region known for its rich diversity – a combination of sea, islands, and mountains. In just one day you can sunbathe and swim on one of the rivieras or sail by boat to an island, and in the afternoon cool off and enjoy a walk in the woods in the nearby mountains. Kvarner with its mild climate is pleasant to stay in all seasons.

In addition to beautiful nature, Kvarner is like a rich treasury of cultural heritage and many stories from ancient times.

Riviera. Full of memorable scenes

Riviera, which stretches along the coast, from the beautiful Opatija to Crikvenica and Novi Vinodolski, with its beauty and mild climate has always attracted many tourists. Rich beautiful beaches, many resorts and villas, promenades, and magnificent parks, makes Kvarner a tourist destination that provides a pleasant escape into tranquillity.​

Opatija stands out with its beauty. In some ancient times, kings and emperors came here for their rest and health. Enjoy a wellness weekend in one of the luxury hotels or a walk by the sea and surrounding gardens filled with magnolias and oleanders.

Islands. Full of contrasts

Kvarner bay has 4 inhabited islands, one more beautiful than the other. Krk, Rab, Cres and Lošinj. The best way to explore them is by boat or a luxury sailing ship sailing pure crystal sea, often accompanied by dolphins in the waters around Lošinj archipelago. The mild climate, fragrant aerosol, and a large number of sunny days are a cure for body and soul.​

Lovers of nature and cultural sights will be reborn on the islands of Kvarner. Enjoy the wild nature of Cres, be happy on Rab – the island of happiness!

Highland. Filled with greenery

The mountains represent Gorski Kotar, the wooded and mountainous hinterland of Kvarner. Gorski Kotar, as it was called by the Austro-Hungarian Empress Maria Theresa, has a distinctive biodiversity and mountain air that relaxes and fills with a special energy. Take a walk in the mountain meadows and woods, bathe in one of the clear rivers or lakes.​

Try your adventurous spirit by visiting some of the caves, rafting, horseback riding, or hiking. Do not miss to visit the Risnjak National Park, which stands out in this greenery with its white rocks, offering a beautiful view of the Kvarner Bay, extended all the way to Istria and neighboring Slovenia.​

And finally, refresh yourself with Gorski Kotar specialties such as venison stew and blueberry strudel harvested in the nearby forest.