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Why visit the city of Split?

Visit Split – the town with an excellent gourmet experience. It is much more than famous architectural scenery. Enjoy the cultural events such as film and theater festivals, art galleries, and concerts.

Sports results are something that only a few cities of similar size in the world can boast of. But, Split is home to dozens of Olympic medal winners and world champions.

Split is not only a shipping port to the Dalmatian islands. Moreover, it is a city where antiquity and urban life completely intersect. So, its guests enjoy the relaxed city atmosphere and the cobbled streets of Diocletian’s Palace.

Visit Split – filled with a rich history

A turbulent history has left its mark on the daily life of the city. Although still constantly moving forward, until today has remained the center of this part of the Croatian coast. Today, the heart of Split beats with the whisper of history and the lively spirit of youth. The charm of the Mediterranean and the Croatian warmth only further adorn this city.

The story of Split dates back to the 17th century. The time when the Roman emperor Diocletian decided to build his palace on a peninsula near the Roman city of Salona. There he wanted to spend the last years of his life. During the 17th century, the palace has grown into a town. A place that tempts our rich tradition, glorious history, and the beauty of its natural and cultural heritage.

Diocletian’s Palace and the entire historic center of Split were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1979.  Firstly, the reason for that was the extraordinary preservation of the Palace. Secondly, the fact that the city and its palace continue to live life to the fullest. All the historical layers, from ancient Rome and the Middle Ages to the present day, are still visible and alive in the city structure. A walk through the narrow streets takes you through time, with great examples of ancient architecture such as the Peristyle, a medieval Romanesque church and Gothic Palace, Renaissance portals of aristocratic houses, Baroque facades, and modern architecture perfectly combined in a rich heritage.

Filled with tradition

Visit Split and experience the historical tradition which is reflected in the everyday life here. Locals sit in the same cafes and restaurants, shop in the same shops as tourists, leaving the impression that by coming to Split they have become part of the city and its rhythm. The market and fish market are the center of the life of every family in Split, just as the entire social life of this city with 200,000 inhabitants is reflected on the Riva, where every guest should have a cup of coffee with a noisy and temperamental Split crowd.

Filled with coffee

Dalmatians spend an incredibly long time drinking coffee in the sun. The coffee culture here is something special. For instance, the coffee here doesn’t just mean a quick cup of a favorite beverage, but a few hours or even an entire afternoon of socializing and relaxing. This is a tradition that the people of Split treat with respect. Try it. Spend a relaxed afternoon sipping frothy coffee on the sun terrace. Watch out for pedestrians breaking through the narrow cobbled streets. Adapt to the casual Dalmatian everyday life. Most importantly, this way you will understand why “going for coffee” in Croatia is way better than regular coffee. 

Visit Split – its beautiful beaches

Bačvice, the main city beach, only a few minute’s walk from Diocletian’s Palace, offers a challenge for a double life. During the day it is suitable for a family. After that, in the evening it is an excellent place for a hedonistic night outing. On the other hand, if you do not feel crowded or if you want a quiet place under the sun, continue to walk south from the keg to Trstenik. Closed inside a large bay, Trstenik beach is a quiet and pleasant place for sunbathing, above all the shallow sea and interesting facilities make it perfect for young families.

Filled with dance

The increasingly hectic Split scene is taking shape as an attraction in itself. For example, a few years ago, the popular electronic dance event “Ultra” left for the Croatian coast from its homeland in Florida. With a three-day party at Poljud Stadium, playful laser lights, fireworks, and Day-Gloom, the spectacle attracts true fans of good entertainment from all over Europe and the world.

Similarly, there are numerous clubs and bars, street festivals, and many other events. Therefore, Split annually attracts more than 100 thousand young people from hundreds of countries around the world.

Filled with nature

However, if you get tired of the city noise, there is the Marjan peninsula, a city symbol filled with forests. Ideal trails for running, hiking, and biking, recreational grounds, but also ancient churches in which the people of Split seek their spiritual peace.

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