Visit Zagreb – The capital city of the Republic of Croatia

Timeless and elegant, Zagreb is a city that will quietly conquer you. Everyone differently describes his experience of Zagreb. Some see it as a lively capital, and others as a mixture of Central European and Mediterranean mentality, smart in the Austro-Hungarian way and at the same time with a warm southern taste. Finally, Zagreb has nevertheless developed in its own way, which highlights the unique “purger” spirit.

Filled with heritage

The historic surroundings of the Upper Town, which can be reached by stairs or the shortest funicular in the world, will completely enchant you. The Upper Town is full of charm and gathers around Zagreb many points of interest such as the Dolac market, the church of Sv. Marko, the Museum of Broken Relationships, the Stone Gate, and the Zagreb Cathedral (Kaptol).

Just like any other Central European capital, Zagreb is not no lack of notable attractions, from playful theater, rich museums and stunning architecture to plenty of outdoor activities.

Filled with nature

Zagreb is filled with lots of greenery. You will easily escape from the city bustle and walk through Maksimir – the oldest public park in Zagreb. What could be better than a relaxed walk along flower meadows, streams, and lakes? Don’t forget to visit the Zagreb Zoo, which is also located here.

Finally, the most significant outdoor experience is hiking on Medvednica. After only 20 minutes by public transport, you set off walking trails through an untouched nature park. Regardless of the season, lodges with hearty meals and impeccable views of the city await you at the top.

Filled with passion

The city is bustling with the everyday culture of cafes and street festivals. The center of town is rich in unusual cafes, pastry shops, restaurants, boutique shops, cinemas, and even in the old style. Don’t miss to try the legendary „štrukle from hotel Esplanade“ – the best Zagorje štrukle in the city or try one of the excellent craft beers whose scene is unstoppably flourishing.

On the terraces of cafes, you will meet a happy face, which will attract chirping chatter like mermaid songs. But life in the city’s open spaces does not stop there.

Filled with festivals

Festivals of all kinds rotate from week to week, from the festival of coffee and chocolate, street food, artistic performances to musical events. C’est is the Best is the oldest street festival downtown turns into the open-air theater.

During the summer, the fun continues on Strossmayer’s Upper Promenade. Even when people from Zagreb went on shore, Summer on Stross continued with music, art, and theater festivals. Winter does not mean the end of fun outdoors. In December, the heart of the city takes place in a popular Christmas event called Advent in Zagreb.

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